Rights is the word used to describe the ability to perform certain actions that are not available to "regular" users. Below is a description of what each rights group allows you to do.

Rights and Users

Content Moderators

A content moderator is responsible for keeping the wiki tidy. They are equipped with the abilities to delete pages and restore pages, protect and unprotect pages, delete files and reupload files, remove comments and edit comments. They also have the rollback ability, which allows them to quickly revert an edit made by a user with just one click. content moderators can be identified on the wiki by their teal usernames.

Discussions Moderators

A Discussions Moderator is a user who has additional tools available to manage conversations in various features on the wiki. They can remove and restore threads and replies made by any user, close and open threads, moderate chat, and moderate the discussions. Discussion moderators can be identified by their yellow usernames.

Chat Moderator

The wiki chat room is the chat moderator's domain. They have the ability to kick users and can also ban users from returning to the chat room until a chat moderator, or administrator unbans them or their chat ban expires. Chat moderators can be identified by their magenta usernames.


Rollbacks are users who can tool can undo bad faith edits with one click. The rollback tool is a bit different than just reverting or undoing an edit. Anyone can undo a edit, however it can take a few clicks. Users with the rollback right can revert an edit with just one click. Please note that content moderators and administrators also have this tool. Rollbacks can be identified by their blue usernames.


Administrators, also known as admins and sysops, have the ability from the content moderator and chat moderator groups, in addiction some different ones too. Administrators are able to change page protection for all three levels. They can access the theme designer feature, allowing them to change the background of the wiki, color scheme and the wordmark. They can also edit Mediawiki pages. They are able to promote and demote other users to lower ranks, such as, content moderators, discussion moderators, chat moderators and rollbacks. Administrators are also able to block users. Administrators are identified by their purple usernames.


Bureaucrats are a level up from administrators. Bureaucrats only have the ability to manipulate user rights, as well as block and unblock users. For this reason they also have Administrators rights too. Bureaucrats can remove and promote Content Moderators, Discussion Moderators, Chat Moderators, and Administrators rights, however they can only promote Bureaucrats and not remove bureaucrats rights besides their own. They are identified by orange usernames on the wiki.

Current Bureaucrats

150#.png Bureaucrat

Since May 11, 2017
ERS 7, previously known as Funnysun, is a bureaucrat who adopted this wiki on May 11, 2017.

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