The Elsa build-a-bear is a bear based on Elsa, a character from Frozen. This item is part of the Disney's Frozen Collection at Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Official Description Edit

This bear is so charming and cuddly you won't want to "Let it Go"! The updated Disney Elsa Inspired Bear features ice white flecked fur, blue ears and paw pads with the Elsa signature on one paw and "Disney Frozen" on the other. Add Elsa's gorgeous blue dress and movie sounds to bring out the full Elsa treatment!

Appearance Edit

The Elsa bear is average sized bear with white fur. The bear has blue eyes and a pink eye shadow effect. The nose and mouth of the bear are both the same shade of pink. The Elsa bear's inner-ears are blue and there appears to be some white snowflakes on them. On the right paw of the bear a pink paw can be seen saying "B-A-B", which is short for "Build-a-Bear". On the left foot of the bear the Frozen logo can be seen.

The outfit consists of a blue dress with some sparkles and what appears to be a robe with silver snowflakes on it. There is also a blonde wig that is plaited.

The outfit based on the outfit that Elsa wears in Frozen Fever consists of a blue dress with short sleeves. On the dress there are some small, white snowflakes. There is also a see-throw robe attached to the dress. A blonde wig with a plait and a purple snowflake hair clip.

Trivia Edit

  • The Elsa bear was released twice. Her first bear was from the original movie. The second bear was from Frozen fever. You can give her the sounds, 'Let it go' 'making today a perfect day'.
  • The Elsa bear was released in a Frozen collection with Anna and Olaf.

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