The Frozen Pyjamas are clothing that are part of the Disney's Frozen Collection.

Official Description Edit

Your furry friend can snuggle up for the night in Disney Frozen Pyjamas. The two-piece set features Elsa and Anna on the top and a Northern Lights and snowflake pattern for the bottoms.

Appearance Edit

The Frozen Pyjamas consists of a pyjama top and pyjama bottoms. On the top, the two characters, Elsa and Anna from Frozen can be seen. Elsa wears a sparkly blue dress and has blonde hair that is in a plait, while Anna is wears a black and blue dress and a magenta cape and has ginger hair that is in two plaits. To the right of the top the Frozen wordmark can be seen. The two sleeves are purple. The Frozen Pyjamas bottoms are a mixture of light purple and light blue. On them some blue snowflakes can be seen which are different sizes.

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