The Grumpy Branch is a build-a-bear that is currently available and can be purchased at Build-a-Bear Workshop. It is part of the Dreamworks Trolls series.

Official DescriptionEdit

"He's not a fan of Hug Time! Branch has wild blue Trolls hair, cool blue skin and the DreamWorks Trolls logo on his foot. Add his outfit and sounds to Branch to recapture his grumpy self!" [1]

Appearance Edit

The Grumpy Branch build-a-bear has dark green fur and a purple colored nose. He is shown to be quite grumpy and angry looking. Like his blue eyebrows, his hair is also blue and is quite furry looking.

On his right hand a blue paw can be seen saying "BAB", which stands for "Build-a-Bear". On his left foot the Dreamworks Trolls wordmark can also be seen.

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