Guy Diamond is a build-a-bear based on the character, Guy Diamond from the Dreamworks animated film, Trolls. This item is part of the Dreamworks Trolls Series.

Official Description Edit

"Sparkle time! It wouldn't be a party without DreamWorks Trolls' Guy Diamond! With his stylable white hair, unique glittery skin and DreamWorks Trolls logo on his foot, Guy Diamond has heaps of confidence, but not a stitch of clothing! Add his auto-tuned phrases for even more fun!"

Appearance Edit

Guy Diamond is a plush that has light blue colored fur and bright blue eyes. His nose is a light green shade. Guy Diamond's hair appears to be quite fluffy and is light grey. On his right hand a paw can be seen which says, B-A-B, which stands for "Build a Bear". On his left vote the Dreamworks Trolls logo can be seen.

Gallery Edit

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