The Guy Diamond Backpack Clip is a clip that is based on the character Guy Diamond, from the Dreamworks animated film, Trolls. This item is part of the Dreamworks Trolls Collection.

Official Description Edit

"Have a glitter day with Guy Diamond! Clip this fun backpack clip on to anything and take a part of the DreamWorks Trolls movie with you everywhere! Style Guy Diamond's glitter hair in crazy ways! His glittery body sparkles in the light and he features the DreamWorks Trolls logo on one foot and the B-A-B logo on the other."  [1]

Appearance Edit

The Guy Diamond Backpack Clip consists of a small plush of Guy Diamond. The color of the fur is light blue, while the furry hair is light grey. The two eyes are bright blue and the nose is green. Some of Guy Diamond's white teeth can be seen. On his right foot a grey paw can be seen saying B-A-B, which is short for "Build-a-bear" and the left foot has the Dreamworks Animation Trolls logo on it.

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