The Princess Poppy build-a-bear is a plush based on the character, Princess Poppy from the animated film, Trolls. This item is part of the Dreamworks Trolls Series.

Official Description Edit

"Positively Poppy! This adorable little Troll is always ready for hugs! With her stylable hot pink hair, flower hairband and DreamWorks Trolls logo on her foot, Poppy can be made even sweeter with her signature dress, hair extensions and sounds."

Appearance Edit

The Princess Poppy bear has light pink colored fur. Pink Troll hair, resembling the character, Princess Poppy, can be seen. The bear wears a green headband with some medium sized, blue flowers on it. On the right hand of the Princess Poppy bear, a pink paw can be seen sawing B-A-B, which stands for Build-A-Bear. On her left foot the Dreamworks Trolls logo can be seen too.

Her full outfit consists of a blue dress with a light blue pattern and the Trolls logo can also be seen on the dress, sparkly silver shoes and some hair extensions.

Clothing Edit

  • Poppy Dress
  • Cupcake Hair Extensions
  • Silver Sequin Flats

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