The Spotty Dotty Bunny is a stuffed animal that was sold at Build-a-Bear Workshop during Easter. It was released in 2017.

Official Description Edit

"With a delightful array of pastel coloured dots, Spotty Dotty Bunny is a playful furry friend that's perfect for springtime. With bright white fur, sky blue eyes and floppy pink ears, Spotty Dotty Bunny gets its name from the fun pattern of pink, purple, blue, green and yellow dots on its fur. When paired with colourful outfits and accessories, this spring-inspired bunny is a cheery addition to any Easter basket!" [1]

Appearance Edit

The Spotty Dotty Bunny is a stuffed animal that resembles a bunny. It has white fur and on the fur there are many different sizes of spots and colors such as, pink, blue, yellow, green and purple. It has two blue eyes and a small pink nose as well. The ears of the Spotty Dotty Bunny are quite long and the inner-ears are pink. On the Spotty Dotty Bunny's right hand a pink paw can be seen saying "B-A-B", which stands for "Build-a-Bear".

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