The Sweet Scent Teddy is a candy scented bear that can be purchased at Build-a-Bear Workshop.

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"Celebrate your love with Sweet Scent Teddy! This candy-scented furry friend has soft brown fur, light brown pad pads and blue eyes that are adorably lovestruck. In addition to its candy scent, this bear can also be outfitted in various outfits and accessories to create the perfect look. You can also add a personalised message or love song to make Sweet Scent Teddy as unique as your Valentine!" [1]

Appearance Edit

The Sweet Scent Teddy is a bear with dark brown fur, and also has light brown pads. The eyes of this bear is blue and small, white hearts can be seen in the eyes. On the Sweet Scent Teddy's right hand a red paw can be seen, which says "B-A-B", which means "Build-a-Bear" for short.

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