The Trolls Hair Extensions are accessories from the Dreamworks Trolls Collection.

Official Description Edit

"Complete the look of your Make-Your-Own Poppy from DreamWorks Trolls or any furry friend with this three-piece set of colorful hair extensions. The hot pink, magenta and blue hair extensions each feature a smiling cupcake clip and add a fun pop of color!" [1]

Appearance Edit

The Troll Hair Extensions consists of three hair extensions. The first one is a hot pink hair extension with a cupcake feature. The cupcake is yellow and on it is pink icing and a small cherry with a pink cupcake case. The second hair extension is magenta. The cupcake feature has pink icing, and is shown to has it mouth wide open and eyes close. The cupcake case is green with light pink dots. The last one is a blue hair extension with a green cupcake feature that has pink icing and a cherry on it.

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