18 in. Vanilla Cream Bunny

Vanilla Cream Bunny

The appearance is like Vanilla Fudge Bunny it has 18 inches


If I had to give this bunny a rating solely on appearance I'd give it an 4 out of 5. (Five being the highest score possible.) As for the texture of the fur on this bunny; I'm afraid that's where the main dissapointment comes from. I'd give it a 2.5 maybe a 3... I can definitely say it isn't one of the softest rabbits that buildabear has to offer.

The only parts of the rabbit that ARE soft is the inner part of the ears, and the pads on the feet. I wish buildabear had switched the main fabric to what the feet pads and inner ears feel like. It would've made a massive difference. But I digress...

Stitching wise it's just fine, I do like the stitched pink nose. As for the texture of the fur I've made a decision to unstuff my rabbit unstuffed and wash it with fabric softner in hopes of aiding the feel.

It is something to consider for anyone who's interested in this bunny. If you're someone that goes solely on fur texture, this rabbit might be not be for you.

My own CommentEdit

Probably this bunny has not completely having soft fur .. maybe the texture is a bit off but only you guys who have it can know it .. i will give more comments if i got this bunny..


18 in. Vanilla Cream Bunny