The Wonder Woman Bear is a bear based on the character, Wonder Woman, from DC Comics. This bear is part of the DC Comics Collection at Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Official Description Edit

Here to save the day! Wonder Woman Bear makes a fierce & loyal friend. This red bear has shimmery gold stars on her fur, blue legs, and Wonder Woman graphics on both paws. Personalise it with outfits and accessories to make the perfect unique gift. 

Appearance Edit

The Wonder Woman Bear is a red bear with shimmery gold stars on the fur. The legs and the inner-ears of the Wonder Woman bear are blue. The eyes and nose on the bear are also blue. On the right hand of the bear, a red paw can be seen saying "B-A-B", which is short for "Build-a-Bear". On the right foot there is a image of Wonder Woman and on the left foot there is the Wonder Woman logo.

Gallery Edit

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