The Wonder Woman Classic Costume is a costume based on what the character, Wonder Woman from the DC Comics wears. This item is part of the DC Comics Collection.

Official Description Edit

Hera, give me strength! Transform any furry friend into Wonder Woman with the classic costume that includes a red dress with a "W" on it, yellow belt, and blue skirt with white stars. The attached red, white and blue cape has stars and stripes on it. Plus, it includes Wonder Woman's bracelets and tiara. Save the day together! 

Appearance Edit

The Wonder Woman Classic Costume is a red dress with a yellow "W" on the chest of the dress. It has a yellow belt and a blue skirt that has many, small, white stars. Attached to the dress is a white and blue cape with white stars and some stripes on it. This costume also consists of a golden headband with a red star on it and two gold bracelets.

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